By Don Owino

The generation we are endowed under today is a painful century. It has been said often. Colour is irrelevant below the skin, a name is something we do not choose for ourselves and death is inevitable.

Moi University and comrades at large have lost a true Kenyan son. The leaving baobab of our time, the undisputed saint of our modern democracy. A deadly storm has claimed our land. Fare thee well Livingstone Obilo K’obilo.




It takes the silence of great men for an evil deed to prosper are the own words of once a statesman, Winston Churchill. The constitutional mandate of every opposition globally ever is to oversight the government. From the Zaire dictatorial government, under the proud dictator, Mobutu Sese Seko to the plain horizon of Baganda territorial Kingdom under the flamboyant Amin Dada.

Today, the meaning and importance of the opposition has been dilapidated by the ruling government. The essence of being in opposition has been raped by the incompetency of the government of the day. The meaning of opposition has been forged into reposition.

In Kenya, for instance, being in opposition is openly termed “failure” by the less failures. The garrulous majority in both houses believe that they are more equal than their other colleagues amongst them. They forget that leadership is ever from God, and every human being is equal before the glaring eyes of God.

The Kenyan government has faulted the opposition on many occasions. They have been accused of inciting Kenyans. They have been accused of planning to over-through the “serikali ya jubilee”. Most often, they have been under-weightily accused of undermining the elected representatives.

All through across the board, these are perfected witch-hunting by the government against the opposition. The government, let by once, an opposition leader are up to killing the opposition. They have realized that the power of the people is invested in the opposition and the immediate recipe is to do away with the latter.

I believe in the spirit of constitutionalism and it is high time the government live to the damn reality, lest the ever green image of Kenya be irreparably damaged.